About Us


Durasnare started with a clear goal in mind: 

We focus on durability, affordability, and quality effectiveness so you can focus on crab catching. 


Hi! I'm Lawrence Ngai.

Police Officer, fisherman and owner of Durasnare!

A bit about myself, I grew up in Pacifica, CA and my love for crabbing transpired from meeting all the amazing knowledgeable local fisherman when I attended High School in Pacifica. The Pacifica Pier community soon became my extended family. I found myself fishing every week and continually wanting to surround myself with those who shared the same love for fishing and camaraderie that it brought. Eventually, fishing became a lifestyle.

Many of you know me as "Law" or may have seen me in Pacifica Pier crabbing. Some of you even used my crab snares when I started my first version of crab snares back in 2004. Others may recognize me walking the Pacifica Pier when I was a Pacifica Police Officer who frequented the pier because I always made an effort to interact with my fellow fisherman.

I created Durasnare because I believe that everyone who wants to try crabbing or already crab, have the ability to do so with the best possible equipment. Through the years, I’ve seen many variations of crab snares and many lacked the craftsmanship and quality that I wanted in a crab snare. Many of the crab snare loops would mangle up, be loose and flimsy, resulting in lost crab as you would reel in. The crab cages would get bent or damaged from crabs pinching the cage. In addition, I found that many snares lacked the proper amount of weight which kept the snare down on the bottom during turbulent waters. With Durasnare, I address all the problems that I found in a crab snare to ensure that you are able to maximize your chances of catching crab!

Thank you for choosing Durasnare as your preferred crabbing arsenal. 

With love and all things fishing related,