What sets us apart

Thank you for considering Durasnare products for your crabbing needs. We are excited to share with you why our products stand out from the competition and how they can enhance your experience. At Durasnare, we take pride in offering superior quality and performance that sets us apart.

Here are some key reasons why Durasnare products are a superior choice:

  1. Preserved Loop Integrity: Unlike other snares in the market, Durasnare crab snares are packaged laying flat, ensuring that the loops maintain their integrity. Tying up loops for packaging, as done by our competitors, often leads to deformities and damages to the loops. We understand the importance of reliable loops, and our packaging method preserves their shape and functionality.

  2. Endurance in Extreme Conditions: Our crab snares are designed to withstand the harshest wind and water conditions. We have integrated 8oz melted lead weights into the snare, providing exceptional stability and durability. With Durasnare, you can have peace of mind knowing that our products will hold up even in challenging environments.

  3. Secure and Tightly Cinched Loops: We pay careful attention to the construction of our snares, ensuring that all loops are tightly cinched down against the snare cage. This prevents floppy and overlapping loops, optimizing the performance of our crab snares. You can trust that our snares will provide a secure and effective lock on the crab's legs.

  4. High-Quality Materials: We prioritize the use of premium materials in the construction of our snares. Our crab snares are made from 16 gauge galvanized steel, which offers excellent strength and corrosion resistance. Additionally, we have added a vinyl coating to further protect against rust and maintain the integrity of the cage over time.

  5. USA-Made Snappy Loops: We understand that loops are a critical component of any crab snare. That's why we source our blue loops from trusted manufacturers in the USA. These loops are designed to be snappy and tightly cinched down, ensuring a reliable and secure lock on the crab's legs. With Durasnare, you can count on the quality and performance of our loops.

  6. Additional Weight Options: We provide added convenience and flexibility by including an attached lock snap on our crab snares. This allows you to easily add additional weights if necessary, especially in inclement weather conditions. Our goal is to ensure that you have the tools and options needed for successful crabbing trips.

We are confident that Durasnare products will exceed your expectations and deliver superior results compared to our competitors. Our commitment to quality, innovative design, and attention to detail sets us apart in the market.

If you have any questions or require further information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer support team. We are here to assist you and provide any additional details you may need.

Thank you for considering Durasnare. We look forward to serving you and being a part of your crab fishing journey.