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DURASNARE Galvanized Steel 8oz Blue Line Crab Snare

DURASNARE Galvanized Steel 8oz Blue Line Crab Snare

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  • (1) Custom handmade Dungeness crab snare
  • 8oz of lead integrated into the cage
  • 16 gauge cage galvanized steel cage hot dipped in zinc to protect against rust and corrosion
  • Hardened copper-tinned terminals
  • Slim aerodynamic design for long distance casting
  • Installed snap lock to add additional weights if needed for the surf
  • Loops are secured tight on the cage to prevent floppiness from overlapping loops
  • (6) Loops that are snappy with good resets on loop form and Made in USA
  • Packaged flat so loops are not damaged by being tied up for shipping
  • Perfect for catching crab from a fishing pole and for crabbing enthusiasts
  • Snaring is the new innovative way in catching crab from the pier, beach or jetty
  • (1) Instruction manual inside detailing how to use the product, gear and bait recommendations
  • (1) Spare rubberband included
  • Durasnare crab snare will catch you more crab!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Tom Q
You will know the difference with Durasnare

I have used a LOT of snares. Hands down these snares are the best I have experienced. The Loops are second to none, right out of the box. And after using hard for several crabbing days, in the surf, they still spring right back into place. The integrated weighting is perfection so these snares cast like little missiles, cutting through the wind. It's all about the loops, and Durasnare has mastered them.

Nathan Kintz
Amazing snares

I personally purchased a couple of durasnare crab snares at the workshop in Lincoln City in February 2024, and I absolutely love them. they are a wonderful product, they definitely bring in the crab and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone getting into this sport. My wife went out with me for the first time last weekend and fell in love with crab snaring. Durasnare crab snares are one of the best out there , they have the perfect weight to stay on the bottom and hold on to the crab.

Justin Brasil
High quality snares

I’m a bass pro employee and love to go crabbing and I’ve tested and used many snares in the past years and by far these snares have produced and caught many crabs for me this season. Loops never lose their spring and are positioned in a way that covers all bases of the snare, I also really like the addition of a clip for an extra weight. I’m hopeful and excited for this company, hoping to see more variety and variations in the coming years!


You need a Good Quality Snare when you get Lucky and catch a Buster. Thank you DURASNARE for helping me catch my PB
At Bodega Bay.

Cody Swayze
Amazing Product that catches The CRAB 🦀

Amazing product. Snares are Durable and positioned perfectly to catch the crab with using minimal bait! The extra 8oz of weight makes it perfect for shore crabbing and Jetty fishing without worrying about your gear being tossed around. I recommend this product to anybody! Thank you so much! 🦀